Film Transfer

Film-ReelsOver time film begins to break down, distort with moisture, de-colorized and even melt due to residual developer fluids not being fully rinsed from processing.  We have seen some terrible film that was not salvageable, crystalized and powdered until it crumbles to the touch… The sadness of lost memories from many years ago.  Usually film lasts longer than some of the disasters we have seen but it still erodes with time.  We specialize in restoring old film to a cleaner look during a digitization process that generally eliminates flicker and renders a nice picture from frame edge to frame edge.  We call this process “Air Transfer” and that is because the image is taken directly off of the film surface instead of a secondary screen.  This process offers better clarity and motion and an even lighting across the entire frame.


Each type of film can be captured as standard definition or HD, however smaller films such as 8mm and 16mm often are not as critical to be done in HD due to the fact that they already have bad resolution but the view screen they are to be seen on does dictate which method might work for the desired applications.  Once digitally captured, the digital version can be mastered to DVD, Blu-Ray or a Digital Video File.

The Playlist Videos on this page have some results which are better than others due to the quality of the original film.  You can skip through the playlist by dragging the shuttle dial to the end of each video in order to start the next video.