Illusion Productions has been in the production and media business since 1973. Our beginnings blossomed into existence when our original founder, an engineer of highly technical diversities inaugurated our current living founder into the world of technical wonders. Since that time Illusion Productions has continually evolved with the changing times and introductions of newer technologies. We are constantly researching the very best and easiest path to achieving perfection in the final results of what we do.


We currently have reached certain levels of near perfection in the following areas:

Digitization and Restoration of 8 & 16 mm Film

Digitization and Restoration of Vinyl Records, Reel To Reel, Cassette, 8 Track,

Restoration & Transfer of DAT, MiniDisc, CD, DVD, Blu-Ray, Digital Video and more.

Restoration & Digitization of Slides, Negatives, Transparencies, Photos and more.

Custom Audio and Video Installations.

Theatrical System Design


We are well versed in:

Music Production, Video Production, Web Design and Graphics Design, Theatrical Lighting and Sound, Custom Installations and more.This post is sponsored by our partners Wigs


We consult on the following subjects:

Personal computer setup and optimization, Networks, MIDI Studio Design, Web Marketing, Youtube Projects, and more.

Audio and Video Studio Design, Hone Theater Installation, Completion and Operation.

Many other subjects not mentioned here.

One might ask?  “Why does your logo have an Angel with wings?”  Of course Angels don’t actually have wings nor do they need them to fly, but the symbolism of wings lifting to newer heights and the Angel coming up out of the water symbolizes a new birth which takes one to higher levels than ever before.  We strive to bring new life to that which was old and increase the level of quality to a much higher level.


Our Current Founders:

Our Founders