Audio Restoration & Transfers

audio-restoreEver since the day audio was magically inscribed onto some form of medium which allowed it to be revisited again and again, there has always been a need to find a way to preserve that ghostly memory and do it with the highest of quality and the longest lasting archival media.

Lucky for us all these days, technology has progressed far enough along that the proper tools are finally in place which allow us to transfer almost any medium to the digital format, clean it up, improve it’s clarity and preserve it for the next 1000 years without the fear of any loss of information.

The steps seem rather simple but are important that they be done correctly.  First of all it is very important to use the highest quality equipment of the timeframe in which the media was last created.  This goes for using the very best state of the art devices of their day, Turntables for vinyl, Cassette players with only the highest standards, Reel to Reel player recorders that cost a dear penny in their day, 8 tracks players, victrolas,  Mini Disc recorders, R-Dat Tape recorders, PCM Audio Video encoders, CD readers, wire recorders and other historical devices.

The next step is to have a very clean path from the original device to the latest Computerized Digital recorders and from that point the ability to manipulate the digital signal in order to raise the standard of quality of the old to the highest standards the new technology has to offer.

The last step is to create as many formats of the preserved audio which will accommodate compatibility with the future and etch the memories of data into a medium tested to last for more than 100 years.

Now thats preservation at it’s best!