Preserving & Restoring Media Formats Like New For 1000 Years
Film, Tape, Photo, Video, Audio, Movies, Text, and more, like new to Digital
Other services include Music, Video, Film, Audio, Productions and Instruction.

Illusion angel logoIllusion Productions has been in the production and media business since 1973. Our beginnings blossomed into existence when our original founder, an engineer of highly technical diversities inaugurated our current living founder into the world of technical wonders. Since that time Illusion Productions has continually evolved with the changing times and introductions of newer technologies. We are constantly researching the very best and easiest path to achieving perfection in the final results of what we do.

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Audio & Music


We have loved audio and music ever since setting foot on Earth…

Because of this great love, we have become experts at many areas of the subject.  We are masters at restoring old audio formats such as Vinyl Records, Reel to Reel, 8 Track, Cassette, Mini Disc, PCM Digital Audio on Video and more.  We even improve the sound with some very specialized tools and place the restorations on 1000 year archival discs.

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Film & Video


We do the following:  Feature Films, Documentaries, Corporate Video, Music Videos, Events, Weddings, Montages, Film & Video Transfer & Restoration.

We Instruct in the art of Video, Music and Image Production.

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